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The Hope Project International

"Bringing Hope To The Hopeless"

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to meet the spiritual and physical needs of impoverished people, with the purpose of sharing Hope.

Who We are: 

The Hope Project International is a humanitarian international nonprofit that started in 2007 to assist those who live in extreme poverty. We impact the lives of vulnerable children and their families who live in some of the world's most impoverished conditions through our community development programs in Nicaragua.

We offer tutorial help to students in subjects they are struggling in and provide additional opportunities for them to learn skills such as typing, computer, English, etc. In addition to tutoring, we offer a college preparatory and scholarship program called the William Minor Program. This program prepares high school students who will attend college and will provide scholarships for the top students each year. We also have vocational programs for students who will not finish high school or go to college. This program currently has classes in sewing, manicuring, cooking, carpentry, electrical wiring, and welding. We will offer more courses in the future as this program continues to develop.

We also offer humanitarian help through our Hope Nutrition program that provides a healthy, nutritious meal five days a week in four locations. The Hope Seniors program helps the elderly in extreme poverty by providing a time of encouragement and activities. Each participant leaves with a pack of food that will help them until they return. One of the most critical humanitarian programs we offer is the Hope 185 anti-trafficking program. Many teens where we work are victims of trafficking each year because living in extreme poverty makes you an easy target. In this program, we mentor teens and educate them to be aware of signs of a trafficker or someone who may be abusive. We also cover current topics that teens are facing and could impact their future.  We also offer Humanitarian aid through our Hope Health Clinic, shoe distributions, home repair, and new home construction. 

Our ultimate goal is to let people, especially children, know that God loves them and has a beautiful plan for their life. We also want to break the cycle of poverty and help our participants become self-sustaining members of society.