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About Us

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to meet the spiritual and physical needs of impoverished people, with the purpose of sharing Hope.


Who We are: 

The Hope Project International is a non-profit organization registered in the US. It was established in 2007 with the primary goal of improving the lives of underprivileged children and their families living in extreme poverty. Our mission is to assist families in Nicaragua, helping them break the cycle of poverty and giving them hope for a better future. Our programs include education, nutrition, vocational training, and humanitarian aid. Our name and mission are inspired by Jeremiah 29:11, which affirms God’s plans for our well-being and not our harm, offering a hope-filled future.



In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, extreme poverty compels many children to beg or sell goods on the streets. Some children have no homes, while others have left their families to work and provide financial support. Consequently, they are deprived of the chance to receive a formal education and learn essential reading and writing skills. To tackle this urgent issue, The Hope Project International has launched a tutoring program that provides these children with basic knowledge and prepares them to attend public schools. Additionally, the program assists their families to ensure they remain together.



It can be extremely difficult for families who struggle to provide enough food for their children to maintain hope. Unfortunately, this is a daily reality for many families. The Hope project aims to alleviate this issue by providing physical and spiritual nourishment to those in need. Through the Hope Nutrition Program, we offer a warm meal five days a week for anyone hungry. Our five nutrition sites are located throughout Matagalpa, ensuring that our services are accessible to those who need them.



Many teen boys in Nicaragua cannot continue their education past elementary school because of simply being too old or having to work to help support their families. The situation is even more difficult for teen girls because many will become trafficked, pregnant, or trapped in abusive relationships. Many of these youths end up on the streets, and before long, they become addicted to drugs or alcohol and never gain the skills needed to support a family. Our vocational program aims to break the cycle by providing a way for young people to develop a trade skill that they can use to provide for themselves and their families. By learning trade skills, students will have all they need for a bright future and become all they were created to be.

Hope 185- Anti-trafficking Program:

Our program strives to provide guidance and support to young victims of abuse and exploitation in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. By collaborating with community partners and offering educational resources to teachers, children, and families, we hope to prevent these harmful situations from occurring. Our Hope Centers actively work towards fostering a culture of opportunity, replacing one of rejection and abuse.



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