Hope Project International


Hope Vocational Fundraiser

Please help us raise funds for the Hope Vocational Center. This is an excellent opportunity for you to own an original Moises Danfler Velasquez painting, while at the same time help bring hope to a young person who lives in extreme despair. When you select a tab below your name will be entered on a ticket or tickets that will put in a raffle that will take place at the Night of Hope September 20th at 1610 Adames Way, Mt Pleasant NC, 28124.

We want to break the cycle is through a program we want to start called the Hope Vocational Program. This center will provide a way for youth and adults to develop a trade skill that they can use to provide for themselves and their families. Through self-sustainability eventually, they will be able to move out of the dark pit of poverty and into a new beginning of hope and prosperity.

You can donate now to help us build the Hope Vocational Center by clicking on a box below. All donations are tax deductible and will be used exclusively for the Hope Vocational Center.


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