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FAQs- About Child Sponsorship

FAQs - About Child Sponsorship

What is Hope Friends Child Sponsorship and how does it work?

Child Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a child and their family. You’ll walk alongside them as they work on lasting solutions to fight poverty and help vulnerable children reach their God-given potential. When you become a child sponsor, you’ll start to build a relationship with one special child. You can connect with your child by sending correspondence and gifts through the Hope Friends correspondence link on our website. Knowing that someone far away cares about them and their future will be a great encouragement for a sponsored child. Through our experience we have learned that the most effective way to help a child is to strengthen the child’s family. Your generous donations will help the child have access to nutritious food, healthcare, education, and more. Each family that we work in with faces different challenges and has different needs, so the work we do is unique to each family. We listen to the family to understand the issues hindering children from reaching their full potential and partner with them to address their short-term and long-term needs. We also work with local groups, such as churches or government organizations, to build stronger communities.

When I sponsor a child, it’s a one-year commitment.

FALSE. Sponsoring a child is an ongoing commitment where you’re able to help them reach the potentioal that God has for them through education, nutrition, and family develpoment. Through this speal relationship you are able to watch them grow up until they, or their family, become independent. Sponsoring a child is like inviting another person into your family.

It’s not a “real” child.

FALSE. They’re real children with real stories. You can get to know your sponsored child through letters and photos, packages, and email. You can even visit your sponsored child and see how your donation is helping transform their family.

My sponsored child will regularly write me letters even if I don’t write to them.

FALSE. You will receive updates several times a year. Your child will write to you in response to letters you send them. Because praying for and encouraging your child is just as important as the tangible help your donations provide, please write often and let your child know you’re thinking of them. It’s quick and easy to send your child an email through Hope Friends Correspondence.

My monthly donation goes straight to the child’s family.

Your monthly support provides resources for educational, nutritional, and spiritual development of your child. Providing money directly to the child or their family money does not ensure responsible spending or that the family will be able to sustain theirself once we’re no longer working in the area. We believe true community development is not about providing money or even services. It lies in helping people discover their God-given potential as human beings, and working together to realize that potential.

When my child’s sponsorship ends and I’m no longer able to sponsor that child, it’s a bad thing.

FALSE.  Sometimes a child’s sponsorship will end. This could be for a variety of reasons, like the child reaches the age of independence, finishes school, or moves away from the sponsorship area. If that happens, we will let you know and give you the chance to sponsor another child.

How child sponsorship donations are used?

Your gift will help provide your sponsored child with the basic necessities that can help them reach their God-given potential, including access to resources for education, nutrition, healthcare, job training etc.