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The Hope Project International es una organización sin fines de lucro registrada en los Estados Unidos. Se estableció en 2007 para mejorar la vida de los niños desfavorecidos y sus familias que viven en la pobreza extrema. Nuestra misión es ayudar a las familias en Nicaragua, ayudándolas a romper el ciclo de la pobreza y dándoles la esperanza de un futuro mejor. Nuestros programas incluyen educación, nutrición, formación profesional y ayuda humanitaria. Nuestro nombre y misión están inspirados en Jeremías 29:11, que afirma los planes de Dios para nuestro bienestar y no nuestro mal, ofreciendo un futuro lleno de esperanza.

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Hope Nutrition Program
Hope Vocational Program


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In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, there are many children who are forced to beg or sell items on the streets due to extreme poverty. Some of these kids have no homes, while others have left their families to work and support them financially. Sadly, as a result of their circumstances, they miss out on the opportunity to receive an education and learn fundamental reading and writing skills. To address this critical issue, The Hope Project International has launched a tutoring program that provides basic knowledge to these children and prepares them for attending public schools.


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Many families struggle to provide sufficient food for their children, making it difficult to stay hopeful. Unfortunately, this is a daily reality for many families. The Hope project aims to ease this issue by providing physical and spiritual nourishment to those in need. Through the Hope Nutrition Program, we offer a warm meal five days a week to anyone who is hungry. Our five nutrition sites are located throughout Matagalpa, ensuring that our services are accessible to those who need them.

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Transformando vidas

In Nicaragua, many teenage boys are unable to pursue their education beyond elementary school due to factors like age or having to work to support their families. Teenage girls, on the other hand, face an even tougher situation as they are at a higher risk of being trafficked, becoming pregnant, or getting trapped in abusive relationships. To break this cycle, our vocational program aims to provide a way for young people to learn a trade skill and become financially independent, thus enabling them to support themselves and their families.

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